MicroNeedling FAQs

Who is MicroNeedling appropriate for?

MicroNeedling is safe for all skin colors and has been proven safe for ages 21 and up.

What is the down time?

Only 1 day of redness. Feeling dry or tight like a mild sunburn is normal for up to 5 days. Some may experience mild peeling for 3-5 days. However, no redness after the first day.

How many treatments will I need?

Everyone is different. Typically a series of 3 are necessary for optimal results. Some choose to have reoccurring treatments every 60 days as a preventative treatment. Acne Scar Patients may require up to six treatments.


1st Treatment: $325
2nd Treatment: $299
3rd Treatment: $249
PRP Add-on: $149

Why would I get MicroNeedling instead of a laser?

Lasers are great devices but they aren’t for everyone! MicroNeedling has proven to effectivly treat finelines, texture and scarring so if you deisire these results but want to avoid the discomfort of a laser or require less downtime, then MicroNeedling is for you.

Who is MicroNeedling NOT designed for?

*Not used to treat active acne. Once your acne is cleared, we can treat any scars that remain.

*Not designed for those pregnant or nursing.

*Not designed for those currently taking Accutane or any form of Isotretinoin.

*Not designed for those with a bleeding disorder.

*Not designed for those with a stainless steal allergy.